(Because Plenty of Time For “CBS Cuts Off Sterling K. Brown Just Like They Cut Off Juan Martín del Potro and Why Was Sean Spicer Even Up On the Stage” During the Rest of the Week)

Viola Davis

(because Viola, but also because she & her stylist have nailed that apricot-to-warm-flame color range to the wall)

Sterling K. Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe

Donald Glover

(not just because he won twice in one night)

Samira Wiley

(because my grandma made a dress for my mama like that once)

Sofia Vergara

(because classic and also because I need those earrings the next time I try a silhouette like that)

Issa Rae

(because reverse classic – or perhaps “L.A. classic” is a better descriptor)

Zoe Kravitz

(not just because Lenny & Lisa gave her that profile)

Riz Ahmed

Tessa Thompson

(because it takes a lot of ‘tude to do the movement right in a gown like that and she is giving it everything)

Padma Lakshmi

(not just because Christian Siriano is killing it for both her and Leslie Jones)


Thandie Newton

(because that’s what I need to appear in when I grow up)

Sonequa Martin-Green

(because that’s my dress right now)


 Priyanka Chopra