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A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.
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Halloween is around the corner

Which means plenty of people of people will not only be wearing the dumbest costumes known to humankind but they will be wearing the most offensive.

Because I have posted on this plenty before (okay like three times) so I feel a resharing is in order. Feel free to boost this to whatever blog or send to a friend/friends/family/parents/siblings/Facebook to make sure people know it is not okay.


Also, if you are one of the people who have ever brought this or let something like this slide with your family/friends:

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I don’t like you and I hope to whatever higher power that I never meet you in person.

Halloween is Almost Here*

Halloween is also when the high level of racist, offensive, and dumb as hell costumes come out in the daylight. Sure, the amount of offensive “costumes” happen throughout the year but halloween seems to dial all of that to a 11.


Because Misgynoir and DV Is The Funniest Halloween Costume Ever

Don’t Even Say This Is Cool

With that said, what are you doing for Halloween?

I will be working that night but plan on going to work as a exhausted pregnant Nursing student who really needs to study instead of being at work.


*If this looks familiar it should, for reasons I just changed the sub-blog it was originally on to The Salad Bowl.

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