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Hey All

It’s been a crazy month. My boyfriend’s family announced that they were coming to visit, which made us realize that our apartment doesn’t look like we’re adults in our 30s. We spent a few weeks redecorating and making upgrades with the furniture (like buying a dining table) and whatnot. It looks great now and we were wondering why it took us so long to do it. It feels more like a home that belongs to us.

Anyhow, spring is always a busy time so I had a baby shower to go to, my cousin’s wife (who popped out their first child together three whole weeks early.) The baby shower was a bit of a trip because my aunt asked if I could supply sodas and water for 30-40 people and only 14 showed up. I asked my other cousin wtf was up as my aunt rented out a really nice place and she and my uncle bought so much food. My cousin said that the mom-to-be only mentioned it to her friends and didn’t get any RSVPs, just a bunch of “yeah, cool, we’ll be there.” However the food was delicious so I didn’t mind because I got to take home a lot of it.

I found out I’m allergic to penicillin. Ever since I went on some super amoxicillin (called “augmented”), I have been having a lot physical allergic reactions (my lips blow tf up and I get hives.) The reactions have been happening at home but two weeks ago, I was at work and all of a sudden my lips started to swell, so I went to the ER. The great thing about having a visible ailment is you get seen right away but as I had no idea what new allergy I had developed, the docs just pumped me full of steroids and sent me home. By this time I had already visited my primary who referred me to an allergist and after a bunch of testing, the allergist told me what was up. I am quite allergic to the desert environment, which has already fucked up my immune system, and then going on the augmented for two weeks destroyed it, hence the reason I was having allergic reactions. No worries though, just need to have a weekly allergy shot and daily allergy meds and all will be well.


Other than that, I’m finishing up my semester of grad school. We went to Vegas for my birthday and caught a Cirque du Soleil show, KA, which has motivated me to start lifting.

There’s still some family drama but it’s not terrible. I’ll make a separate post for that as a discussion.

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