It’s not that I’m against the story being told, in fact it’s the complete opposite. It’s that the perspective, THE LONE GOOD WHITE MAN, is particularly for this story is in my opinion disgusting. Especially when you consider the scope of how EVERYONE was involved in their murder.  

If you don’t know Killers of the Flower Moon is a book about the murders of the Osage Nation peoples in the 1920s.

For those unfamiliar the story goes like this. The Osage Nation is Indigenous to the Mississippi River Valleys, but their land was valuable for farming and agriculture so naturally, The US Govt takes their land and forces them onto land in Oklahoma.

The US govt then enacts a law that says, as a sorry or whatever, that this new land in OK can never be bought or sold. It can only be inherited, effectively making sure that the land will always be in the possession of the Osage. Now Oklahoma is dry and arid and prairie, a far cry away from the lush forests and vegetation on the Mississippi. So the Osage end up on the brink starvation. Then in the biggest Karmic fuck you, they discover that the land they were forced on is sitting on top of an ocean of oil.


Overnight the Osage become the richest people in America. We’re talking, one member having a net worth of, what would translate today as 350 million dollars. Keep in mind this is a nation of people. And the US govt being the US govt, tells the Osage, you’re too native and too stupid to manage your own finances, so each member is required to have a white ward who will handle your money. That goes exactly how you think it does, the wards skim and steal money like there is no tomorrow. But because this is America and white people are truly something different, it doesn’t stop with just outright theft.

White people start marrying into Osage families, and then Osage people start dying. One by one, Osage are shot, poisoned, stabbed, and they left to fend for themselves. The police, people in the neighboring towns, in the state do absolutely nothing, because they are in on it as well. It’s systematic. Anyone that journeys to the Osage to try to help are murdered within the week.


The only reason it stops is because the FBI just got finished shitting on black people, breaking up post WWI civil rights organization, and writing reports about this dangers of the NAACP and The National Association for the Promotion of Labor Unionism Among Negroes. And L Johnson knew that the FBI needed the good press, and needed to be seen helping people.