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If you don’t know what’s going on w/r/t Jay Z and the NFL, here is some stuff to catch you up.


Now, it’s already been covered by other outlets that the organizations that have been getting the money (money that he’s not donating by the way, money that’s raised from selling merch), is going to organizations with dangerous respectability politics ideals that only further pathologize black people.

The next argument would be to assert that, A WOMAN IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF HER HUSBAND, and that’s correct.

Buuuut here’s the rub, Beyonce has built almost her entire brand around her husband.


It would be one thing, if post B’Day Beyonce put up a “Chinese Wall” between her and Jay, in the same manner that Solange has always had a wall between herself and her sister (different label, management, doesn’t write or guest on her music, etc), but she didn’t do that.

Beyonce and Jay are on the same label. She’s managed by his management company. They are always on each other’s music. On the Run tour. On the Run tour pt 2. She promotes his business interests in her music, (Armand de Brignac, yeah a gangsters wife= Drunk In Love) TIDAL, the MADE in America festival and countless other things I haven’t named. Her assets private and public are very much tied up in him, therefore she is partially responsible for the business decisions he makes.


Now this doesn’t break my soul or anything because I’ve never believed in this image or an altruistic Beyonce. I think she’s a capitalist through and through. In fact I think part of the genius of her, has always been her ability to read a room and understand the market, and what is going to hit next, and have the ability to execute it at the exact right time.

And I know I know, WHAT ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE THEY DONATE TO IN SECRET?!?!?? Well, we know about it. So is it a secret? I think that they understand the reach of their fame, and they understand the value of letting their fans do the work for them. And this something Beyonce has been taking advantage of for years now. She doesn’t have to promo anything cause she knows there is an entire cottage industry of her fans that is going to do it for her.  The things that they do is comparable to jeff bezos giving to charity. It’s primarily for the PR and the tax break.


And I say all this and write all this because I really want us to start interrogating class in the black community. And I want us to start divorcing ourselves from this idea that rich black people care about us.

They don’t.

Or the idea that rich black people will be on our side because their money doesn’t completely insulate them from racism.


They won’t

And I think we really need to get real with ourselves as we move into late stage capitalism.

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