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Indonesia's Constitutional Court considers criminalising casual and gay sex


The past 12 months have been terrible for Indonesia’s LGBT community.

A gay support group was hounded off a university campus. A former cabinet minister said gays should be killed. The nation’s deputy president cut funding to a program designed to end stigma. And the nation’s peak psychiatric body said homosexuality was a condition that could be cured.

Veteran gay rights advocate Dede Oetomo said it was a bleak time in Indonesia.

“Society has become more … categorically conservative,” he said.5“I have a feeling the religionists are free to propagate homophobia, transphobia.”

Mr Oetomo said the court case and new laws being considered by Parliament were the most serious attacks yet on the community.5“You cannot criminalise being gay,” he said.

“But [criminalising] gay sex, yeah. It’s already there in Aceh, and South Sumatra and six other districts or municipalities.

“It’s spreading. If Parliament passes the articles on sexuality, we’re illegal. All casual sex illegal.”


I found this great article in the Jakarta Post explaining the “Zinaphobia” on the upswing in Indonesia:

Why are conservatives so hung up about sex anyway? Patrialis thinks adultery is the root of society’s evils. Well yeah, adultery involves rooting, but I could think of so many greater evils: violence, greed, hypocrisy and corruption, which incidentally, Akil Mochtar, the former head of the Constitutional Court, was indicted for, as was Suryadarma Ali, former religious affairs minister.

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