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A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.

I’m only watching this season because of the first Black Bachelorette, but I need someone to discuss it with. For starters, do you think Rachel feels pressure to choose a certain race of man? I don’t remember the cast breakdown from the very first episode, but in light of the whole Lee drama, I’m disappointed about the racism storyline. It would’ve been interesting to learn Rachel’s perspective, especially as a Black female lawyer from Texas who surely has her share of stories, about the role culture might play in her search for a partner, but instead we get racist dog.whistling Lee. -_-

Men I have opinions about:

-Peter: He’s been my fave from the beginning, but I side-eyed his “hood” rap. Hoping it was an inside joke because it wasn’t even accurate.


-Josiah: He was originally in my top 5, but now I’m not feeling him. I get the impression he believes a man with his accomplishments “deserves” a woman like Rachel, not that he’s actually into her.

-Bryan: He was also in my top 5, but now he seems smarmy.

-Dean: Loved his subtle callout of Lee being racist last episode. He’s young (too young for what she’s looking for, I think) but cute.


-Eric: Annoying. He’s always whining about Rachel potentially being interested in other men...kind of the premise, dude.

-Kenny: I like him but I don’t see it—something about Rachel gives me the impression she doesn’t want to be a stepmom.


-Of the eliminated guys I really liked Diggy and the hot military man (Bruce?) who left the first night. Both much more attractive than Tickle Monster and the guy with elf ears.

Let’s discuss!

1. Who are your favorite/least favorite guys?

2. Thoughts on the Lee drama? I definitely think the producers made her keep him.


3. Does anyone else dislike the “To be continued” nonsense?

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