Dear Fellow mods, Authors, Commenters and lurkers (yes even you),

After today’s garbage fuckshit on Gawker, that I will not post to, I am really questioning the future of the Salad Bowl on Kinja/the Gawker-verse.

Nappyheadflo, Afromeatballs and I have had a brief conversation about this, Flo is pretty grossed out by tonight’s garbage post. And we are not sure we want to continue using a medium that allows such hateful pointless vitriol to be published on its site. We are disappointed—disgusted is probably a better word actually. Personally, I am really disappointed at how low things have gotten in the last few months, and to be honest this is not the first time that i have felt particularly revolted by a MP article, Jezebel has been consistently frustrating*.

At the same time, I do not really want to make a decision without talking with you guys first. How do you feel about us switching gears, and looking for another place to share our thoughts? We have been pretty linked to the many communities throughout Gawker, in other main pages and the many sub-blogs that exist here. I think I cannot make a move to do anything without first speaking with you all first, so please, let us know what you think? Should we remain where we are or should we look for a new home?


Thank you all in advance-