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Seriously I do feel bad for meghan because I do think she got in over her head, a bit. I think because she is passing, because she her predominately white friend circle (if you followed the tig or suits era megan instagram, you would see that her circle has always been predominantly white), she probably thought she would get what kate got, but did not anticipate this level of vitriol.

Let me clarify , I feel terribly for her truly I do. She doesn’t deserve this and I can’t imagine the mental and emotional anguish she’s in and I am not interested in bashing her or tearing her down, because that is boring. She doesn’t deserve any of this she really doesn’t. But at the same time as a biracial woman of black heritage I don’t know how she thought she was going to marry into a family that is responsible for the global subjugation of black people, that invented the concept of race and white supremacy, colonization, major participants in the Atlantic Slave Trade, her finance now husband who dressed up as a Nazi for lolz and whose aunts and uncles were very famous nazi sympathizers, and think all of that was going to shake out for her.


Truthfully I don’t want to talk about meghan because that’s boring to me, I would rather talk about us, and why it is so many black women, who look nothing like her, fetishized this relationship, who refused to see this part of it or think about the larger political implications of it. I would rather talk about the dishonesty of saying the personal isn’t political and talk about what we really sacrifice of ourselves when we enter into these romantic relationships with white partners. Why it is we keep trying to take politics out of our personal partnerships with white people, when they are clearly there. What are we hiding from ourselves? Are we being honest with ourselves and really interrogating the reasons on why we are doing this? Are we really free? Are we really happy? Cause if I think back to a couple of white boyfriends I absolutely made myself smaller, a little less blacker, to be with them.

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