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My One And Only Royal Baby Related Post

I have made a personal moratorium on speaking about Meghan Markle. Mostly because the conversations go nowhere. But for the record, she was always a mediocre actress on an ok tv show eclipsed, rightfully, by her better. She was going on to be biracial Goop, until her BFF did the damn thing and she secured the ultimate bag. Now she gets to be royal goop. But I don’t like talking about her, truly I don’t, becuase I don’t think she or people like her are worth the energy. There are also more than enough people talking about her. I would rather hype the ashley blaine feathersons of the world so that you know where I be at.

But I bring up baby cause it’s a perfect illustration of my previous post on Cardi B and how we define blackness.

Taking a quick look at Baby Sussex as an example. His father is white. His paternal grandmother and father are white. His mother is biracial. His maternal grandmother is black. His maternal grandfather is white. British Aristocracy is notoriously more stratified than the US. He’ll grow up most likely around white people, going to Eaton and all those schools.


He has one black grandparent on one side of his family.

When he comes out with his mix tape and he’s all, Nigga shit Nigga shit Nigga Nigga Nigga Shit . Are we really gonna sit here and cape? Really? 


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