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Naomi Campbell Thinks Racism Is A "Cliche" Word

Naomi Campbell, one of the most popular and legendary models to exist who is known for speaking out against the industry’s favoritism towards white models, is now dissing the term “racism”. This is what she had to say in her interview with British talk show host Alan Carr:

“I never use that word ‘racism’, I find it a cliché word and I don’t want to use it as an excuse.

“For me it was... I call it territorialism, where there are people that have that certain territory and they stand their ground, and they are not going to change their mind and that is their opinion.”


What is going on?? Why are there so many black celebrities lately saying ignorant stuff like this? The act of hiring very few models of color in the fashion industry is not an example of “territorialism”. It’s RACISM. Point blank. The fashion designers believe white people to be superior in physical attractiveness, and that’s why white models are the overwhelming majority. This is also white supremacy.

This is disappointing coming from someone who used their popularity to bring awareness to racism in this industry and created a show that gave POC the opportunity to make a name for themselves. I’m not sure why she felt the need to kiss ass. She’s Naomi Campbell. She can say whatever she wants and no one can touch her.

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