A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.
A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.
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New and Old Mods of The Salad Bowl

Thanks to Hocus for bringing this to my attention:

Some of you don’t know that you’re mods. I thought it would have notified you so here is a list of the new mods:

1. Hachi
2. Ambitious
3. Flaming
4. Hocus
5. Imaginaryfriend
6. Melanin Monroe
7. JustPassingThrough
9. Rooo
10. MarthaJones
11. The Revanchist.
12. Miss Mercedes


So most of the community :)

Like I stated before, y’all have elevated statuses, meaning you can block trolls and create more content. From the drop down list, choose “Mange The Salad Bowl” and that will show you posts, story types, moderation, settings. If you click on “moderation” it will take you to a page that shows flagged comments. You can choose to dismiss-and-block, dismiss or just ignore the comment. That’s all moderation is and it’s super easy in this community.

Story types are creative content and you can make your own, whether that’s food/politics/reality tv/hair/beauty/life. I’m giving everyone full creative direction.

You also have the opportunity to grant author privileges to other PoC commenters on TSB if you’d like. Just remember to check their comment history. I don’t mind if you add people, it will help our community grow.

Granddad and TamTams are the only two original mods left. I cleaned up TSB member list and deleted inactive members. Anyone that hasn’t been on kinja in since 2018 was removed and that includes the original creators of TSB and several mods. I highly doubt they’ll show back up but if and when they do, direct them to me.

Please comment on this post so I know you’ve seen it. Thanks all and thank you for your continued support of The Salad Bowl.

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