Hi everyone. :)

So, some of you probably know me but don’t “KNOW” me. I don’t come here as often as I should because life is hectic right now. I can’t do my mod duties like I want to.

“WAIT YOU’RE A MOD?!?!” Why yes I am. You wouldn’t know it with me being here twice a month. Like I mentioned, things have been terrible for me these last couple years. I’m surprised I’m even alive.

I only type this up to say: things are looking better for me in the near future. I will have time to create the funny shit I’m known for round these kinja parts. Ya know, something original instead of a tweet video of someone getting a left hook. Also mod stuff but more importantly, the funny shit.

Anyway, that’s all I have right now. Please continue to be great without me. As if you needed my permission. Love you mofos and thank you for keeping this rolling in my absence.

-Your favorite Granddad.