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A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.

What is it with people on the MP getting all huffy that if you get your nails done professionally you’re “on a power trip.” WHAT THE FUCK? And then others are chiming in about how getting your nails done is so gross and it’s demeaning to make people touch your feet. Umm....? I feel like that says more about what you think about work in the beauty industry than any actual truth. And then there are the people who want to shut everything down because of it. Like, they do know that people train to become nail techs right? That it’s an actual skill that people learn just like anything else? The physical ability to apply polish to my nails does not put me on par skill wise with these women, and I think it’s hella reductive to suggest otherwise. If anything THEY are the ones demeaning the work by saying anyone can do it.

Obviously the women at the center of the story are being terribly exploited and no one is disputing that. Thankfully it seems some new measures are being put in place to counteract this and I’m pleasantly surprised that things are supposedly changing this quickly. But the idea that getting your nails done is inherently a bad thing? I feel like this is “check your vegetarian privilege” all over again. Oi. White people.


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