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So last night Cupcakke got on twitter and the following happened.


After investigation the implication is that she’s referring to Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello. Which...is not what I thought the turn was going to be honestly. I thought for the longest it was going to be Shawn had been in an on off thing with his long time collaborator Teddy Geiger. Which that would have been even messier since Teddy has been with her longtime girlfriend, now wife for a really long time.

I believe cupcakke mostly because its too random to be a lie. And I know she’s cool with Charli XCX so it’s possible that she would be in their circle. All in all this shit is wild.

In Case All These Names seems like Gibberish to you.



She is a rapper pretty firmly indie. Popular with the indie blerd and queer set.



He is...unfortunately, a bonafide pop superstar. He is Gen Z’s Justin Timberlake circa Justified. Gay/Queer rumors have been circulating around him for a very long time.



Singer. She was the first girl out of Fifth Harmony. She’s pretty successful also a big pop girl. This is his girlfriend, allegedly. There have also been substantial rumors that she was super racist towards Normani during her time in Fifth Harmony, which she has denied and Normani has never spoken on.

Shawn and Camila are in a very publicised very awkward relationship that they swear is real. But pretty much everyone over the age of 22 thinks is fake.





Charli is a popular pretty mainstream singer songwriter, she’s written songs for a lot of huge artists, but she prefers and has lots of cred with the indie set. She is cool with Cupcakke and Shawn and could be the possible link of how they got into each other’s orbit.



Teddy Geiger (left) with her longtime girlfriend, then fiance, now ex-fiance (Emily Hampshire). Teddy has been knowing shawn for a looooong time like before her transition long, and they are long time creative partners. I have always been convinced that Shawn and Teddy were on and off on the low and when Emily and Teddy broke their engagement I thought it was because maybe shawn finally decided to do the right thing and claim his woman, you know? That’s why the cupcakke situation took me out .

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