There have been some posts that have been quite critical of Oscar Isaac, and rightly so. His interview in GQ was suspect and as a Latina, especially as a compatriot, I was disappointed. But something about it didn’t sit right with me. Not being part of the Latino community was -___________- but I can also acknowledge and agree with him that being cast as a Latino for “Latino roles” can be stifling in hollywood—because as well all know in hollywood traditional “Latino” roles mean drug kingpin (look at Andy Garcia for example), south L.A gangster (Danny Trejo), horny latin lover (random Latino guys who don’t make it past 1 movie or have major role),bumbling Latin lover, etc. Instead Oscar has played an Italian mayor, a pilot from Yaavin, the mutant Apocalypse, some dude who bangs a married woman (Elizabeth Olsen), Prince John in Robin Hood, etc. And so last night when he won an award for Best Actor for HBO’s “Show me A Hero” he said this:


Here he acknowledges his ability to pass, “It’s difficult for people that look NOT LIKE THE STATUS QUO” to get roles, and is at the same time shaking his finger at hollywood and asking them to look past whatever bullshit stereotypes they have about ethnicity.

Just food for thought that sometimes we don’t really get the full picture of someone just because we read one article. He seems to have a little more nuance than I thought.


full transparency: he is #mine. (cc: NinjaCate <3)