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A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.

So I guess people on twitter are really into thier feelings about now Oprah not wanting to be called “Auntie”. And specficially in regards to Oprah I thnk people are making it something deeper than what it actually is.

Oprah, essentially made her entire career off of being America’s mammy. And a big part of why this could be was Oprah’s weight. Oprah has very publicly struggled with her weight her entire time being a public figure, and I have always gotten the sense that she’s had a deep insecurity about it. Not only insecurity but, a deep resentment that she was never thought of as one of the pretty black girls, of not being desirable. And all the benefits and ease of opportunities that comes when you are pretty. Think about the difference between Paula Deen and Gwyneth Paltrow.

In popular culture when we look at all the conversation around Oprah w/r/t desirability, it’s often desexualized painting Oprah in the role of work mule. So I can understand why she would bristle, at that term and all the things that accompany it. Cause even tho Rihanna is def an Auntie absolutely no one is using that term to refer to her right. Even women in Oprah’s age range, Angela Bassett, Robin Givens those women are technically auntie, but we don’t apply to that term to them. So cut oprah some slack, she’s just in her feelings and feeling some type of way. 

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