A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.
A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.

I’m at the annual office Christmas Holiday party on Friday afternoon, just staring at my watch and sipping the water until I can dip outta there, avoiding all awkward small-talk, reserving the polite head nod/professional smile combo for anyone that is still able to catch my eye somehow. I’m not being a dick, it’s just - Look, I’ve been here for 5 of these things now and the same dry unseasoned salmon, cash bar and raffle tickets at a nearby Marriott ballroom gets just as stale as the “freshly” “baked” “rolls” I didn’t eat. There’s about 200 of us here, and a good 60% or so are doing the exact same thing.  

My boss, who works remotely in another state, flew down for the occasion this year and as the thing was winding down, gave me a hug and handed me a card.


Me: Oh you didn’t have to..

Her: It’s nothing, just a little something to thank you for the work you put in this year.


Me: Well, I appreciate it a lot. Truly, this i-

Her: Yeah, I just wanted to say, you know, Merry Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate.


Me: What else would I celebrate?

Her: You never know, you know, some peo-

Me: I’ve been here working with you for 5 years...




That’s how it ends. She walks away and I just stand there for a beat before I do the same. I don’t even have to tell you the demographics of the story. Two questions, though: 1) What (and I mean this next part so much) the fuck? and 2) What level of angry should I be at right now?

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