I’m at the annual office Christmas Holiday party on Friday afternoon, just staring at my watch and sipping the water until I can dip outta there, avoiding all awkward small-talk, reserving the polite head nod/professional smile combo for anyone that is still able to catch my eye somehow. I’m not being a dick, it’s just - Look, I’ve been here for 5 of these things now and the same dry unseasoned salmon, cash bar and raffle tickets at a nearby Marriott ballroom gets just as stale as the “freshly” “baked” “rolls” I didn’t eat. There’s about 200 of us here, and a good 60% or so are doing the exact same thing.  

My boss, who works remotely in another state, flew down for the occasion this year and as the thing was winding down, gave me a hug and handed me a card.

Me: Oh you didn’t have to..

Her: It’s nothing, just a little something to thank you for the work you put in this year.

Me: Well, I appreciate it a lot. Truly, this i-

Her: Yeah, I just wanted to say, you know, Merry Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate.


Me: What else would I celebrate?

Her: You never know, you know, some peo-

Me: I’ve been here working with you for 5 years...




That’s how it ends. She walks away and I just stand there for a beat before I do the same. I don’t even have to tell you the demographics of the story. Two questions, though: 1) What (and I mean this next part so much) the fuck? and 2) What level of angry should I be at right now?