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Racists yell at Girl Scouts

All those people wondering why a lot of black folk don’t have “empathy” for a certain delusional person need to go do their preaching in Cecil County, Maryland (or Anywhere, USA).

Hearing reports of poor conditions at a local animal shelter, a group of girl scouts went to the Animal Care and Control commission meeting in Cecil County Maryland and then held up signs “save the animals,” “stop abuse of animals” outside. No matter where you stand on animal abuse (you fucking monster), you might at least be moved to praise these girls for being caring citizens. Or, if you think they were coached, then talk to the troop leader.

Or you could just yell at little girls:

“They were calling us, like animals and stuff,” Arianna Spurlock, a 13-year-old Scout who is African American, told WMAR. “And I didn’t really know why because if they are calling us animals, aren’t they supposed to be helping animals?”

. . .

In a video of the incident the girls, from Chesapeake Bay Troop 176, can be seen standing outside the meeting holding home made signs, when a group of adults starts harassing them with comments like, “go back to Baltimore, where you belong.”


This doesn’t even call for empathy, just basic human decency and black children don’t even get that. White people instigating is the same shit that started the fight in McKinney. A white woman told the kids there “go back to your Section-8 housing.”

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