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Rich White School is Lit: Chambers on Netflix S1 Ep 2 (A Martha Review)

So when we last saw our heroine Sacha, she briefly lived every WOC’s conundrum. She turned into a white girl named becky. On one hand, white privilege but then like no melanin, which mmm. No Jesus, because my skin pops so hard in the summer. So she’s going to this super rich white school and doing lots of rich white shit like fencing and electrocuting dead frogs in science class. 

When you go to rich white school, if you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed during class you get to leave and go to the nap room. Which is where Sacha is. While she’s there she starts researching releasing ceremony, because what is that? Apparently it’s like Marie Kondo on steroids. You take all of a dead person’s shit and then you burn it so that you can help release their spirit and they can move on for real.

Sacha is not adjusting to the commute to her rich white school well. She’s tired af. Which I get. In high school I had an hour and half bus ride and it was not for the birds yall. Sacha is doing well enough. When she’s not having visons of her skin peeling off and shit.


Sacha is fencing and she doesn’t know how to fence but she ends up kicking ass, BECAUSE BECKY LIVES Y’ALL. I am so nervous for Sacha. Yvonne echoes my sentiments. Yvonne is asks why the fuck she’s even going to this releasing ceremony because, don’t we already devote enough mental energy to dead white girls? Sacha is like, bih, we going. 

They get there and everyone is wearing white and acting like they’re in a cult. RUN Y’ALL. They do not hear me. Uma Thurman is not feeling Sacha being there. BenFitz is all suck it up girl. It’s mad rude cause her daughter is dead. Yvonne spills a drink in Sacha so they can go snoop around the house, and in becky’s room. Uma Thurman catches them and she’s mad nice about it. More than she should be to be honest. 

Yvonne catches a crazy white lady putting crystals all over the house. Yvonne be knowing. She asks the white lady why she is doing that and she stutters out some bull about releasing darkness or whatever. Yvonne doesn’t buy it cause, she be knowing. 

After the ceremony, Uma Thurman and BenFitz are like hey Sacha, here you can have becky’s car, cause we’re releasing and shit. Sacha’s uncle does not take this well, but he relents. Sacha goes to her room cause it’s been a long fucking day and in her ceiling SOMEONE IS WATCHING HER!!?!?!?!?



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