A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.
A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.
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Hey I know I have been MIA around these parts but that’s because I have been doing a lot of stuff that I can’t wait to share with you guys. For example the single off of my EP should be out on Monday, hopefully, but that’s another post.

For now. I am PROUD to tell you guys about one of my projects. MY PODCAST!!

It’s called The Good. The Bad. The Basic. We’re on Spotify!!! And Google Play!!!


Me and Em talk review and reflect about past tv shows, their influences and impacts and stories. And we kick off with Buffy the vampire slayer!!!

Follow us on twitter!


and listen! and if you are feeling generous subscribe to our Patreon! But mostly just listen tbh. You guys are like my family and I’m so happy to share this with y’all




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