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A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.

Edited to move the paragraph down (I didn't want people who didn't want to see this to be spoiled by something) :)

Imma need Sleepy Hollow to get back on track because I am sick of them writing Katrina as a boring angsty woman who never really uses her powers. I am sick of Jenny not doing as much shit as she was doing before. I want more from Ichabod and Abbie's storyline with new dangers because I am done with this storyline (Orion's story adds nothing to me). Hawley is annoying and I am not interested in his boring ass, there is no need for him on the show (they could just have Jenny do the shit he is doing) and Orion (besides the terrible wing animation they had on him) why is it that they couldn't make him a PoC? Black, Latino, Asian, Native? Hey, or we could have made that character a woman! Do we REALLY NEED ANOTHER WHITE GUY? Do We?

What happened to the fresh show that had PoCs as the main importance? As I see this as SciFi(ish) show, not based on history*, I don't see why there are so few PoCs on the show.


I am glad Irving is still on the show, but I am having problems with this show. I remember talking with another poster (I think MarthaJones?) that I was hoping they add more PoC and do something with Irving (which is still in the air at this point), but this story has became the Katrina, Abraham, Ichabod…then Abbie, and Jenny (I am sure you throw in some of the other white characters before Abbie and Jenny). Can we get John Cho back on the show please?

I just don't know, I don't know if I can keep watching this damn show at this rate. I don't give a damn about these white characters when this originally had PoCs with important narratives to follow. There are plenty of shows about white people doing things that we can follow, I would like for once to have a show on TV that follows PoCs' lives without doing a complete side step to the people who I don't give a damn about. UGH.

*I hate when people say things are based on history so that is why white people are in it and not PoCs. BLAH BLAH BLAH, I don't want to hear this bullshit.

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