On the anniversary of Doña Celia Cruz’ death, Fox TeleColombia released a trailer for the upcoming bioNovela and it looks amazing! unlike most novelas, the production value seems really high quality, and the creators have worked with Omer Pardillo Cid, the executor of her estate, so we will get the real music!

There were some concerns that they would white wash Celia, especially when rumors started circling that JLo would be cast to play her. But I am happy and relieved to hear that three Afro-Latina’s were hiredto play her in different stages of her career. Isa Mosquera López , Jeimy Osorio and Aymée Nuviola will grace the screen as the Queen of Salsa.

I gotta tell you guys I am beyond excited about this! First because it has been AGES since i Have watched a latina novela which is neglecting my roots of weekday TV watching while making dinner, but also because Celia represents the very best of Latin American women. And another thing is here we have an AFRO-LATINA being represented in a major way! I know that this does not solve Latino’s anti-blackness, not by any means, but it is a step toward giving recognition, to the many ways Black LatinAs have shaped our culture—and hopefully to start a more wide spread dialogue about how many/most latinos erase blackness from the mainstream depiction of what it means to be Latino. I emphasize the As in Latinx here because it is important to acknowledge—at least to me specifically, women, who are often the first to be ignored in conversations about cultural significance.


This is one to watch for, and hopefully there are some subtitle options for non-Spanish speaking people :D

Edited to add some videos:

with her beloved husband, like true love? this was true love.(2:30)

with my (not really)hated Salsero:

and with Chente- because she could get down with a mariachi too.