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So here is a podcast (among other things) you will enjoy if you love TV.

If you like TV then you will like this podcast, website, and Facebook group (sorry for the length!)

We all have been talking about TV lately and of course I love the hell out of some TV (anyone going to be watching fear of the walking dead let me know so we can talk about it!).

Last year in one of the Sleepy Hollow recaps I did, I brought up a podcast called Podcast Fandom where she and her friends/guests talk about many of the shows we like and if they don’t there are people who volunteer to write recaps for discussion on the website called Project Fandom. I wanted to highlight this because it is ran by Nina Perez and black woman who while I haven’t met shows that she works hard to bring funny, intelligent, and spot on commentary for shows (for the people who love Sleepy Hollow and the Flash those podcasts are some of the most insightful and funniest to listen to as well as the almighty The Walking Dead And she is re-recapping the flash now if you want to listen to it). She makes it a point to be a present TV watcher usually catching stuff some people don’t, which in return starts to make you start checking for stuff too.


While this is in no way taking over our salad bowl TV group I think we are making right? I am in her private Facebook group Podcast Fandom Crew (you can just ask to get in as long as you are spam she will let you in or of course I can say something to her if needed, I doubt that though) where we talk about all type of shows that isn’t being podcasted by them like Mr. Robot, which is my SHIT right now, Sense 8 which has grown on me, The Strain, also my shit, and Humans which is some of the greatest writing I have seen on a show in a while.

Why am I telling you all this? Well as someone who watches over 25 shows and counting, it is refreshing to find people who watch the shows we watch (it is multicultural and bullshit isn’t wanted there) But there is also a possibility that we may not watch the shows you like and need someone else to talk to online. I have placed links below if you want to check things out. I hope you at least check out the podcasts because I would love to talk about the podcast too especially as an audience we get to write in our thoughts to them (I know I did for that mess of a show Wayward Pines) and hear them discussed.



(you can search for the private group podcast fandom crew in the search bar. You won’t regret it!)


Also I don’t work for her! LOL. I guess I needed to say that since I may be stanning a little hard for the stuff. But, no, I just love good commentary.

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