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Standing With Those Doing It Differently: Weekend Jam

Gonna go get some lessons from these ladies on how to run stuff


Some of us cannot win with some people because the game was rigged so that we would always lose

Suddenly, the message for Meghan has changed from “Why are you here?” to “Where do you think you’re going?”


“Having the audacity — because that’s what it is — to exhibit self-sovereignty has always been a privilege reserved for men, especially white men,” [a professor who launched the first black-studies degree in Europe] told CNN.


Sheila E and Candy Dulfer

Candy Dulfer and Rhonda Smith

Cat Glover – Catwoman

Sheila E – Sex Cymbal (extended remix)

Rhonda Smith and Sheila E (and Maceo and Eric Leeds and Renato Neto and Prince) – Everlasting Now

Keke Palmer – Look at Me Now

JLo - I Ain’t Your Mama

JLo – Baila Conmigo

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