Tonight's #EverydayRacism Town Hall Already Has Some Brand New Material, Including White Tears and “Freeze Peach” Support:  Open Thread 

So much has happened already just today and this week that I was already inclined to refrain from framing incidents or offering additional commentary. Now it’s such a deluge that I’m just going to emphatically reiterate that I’m doing that, post some of today’s good news and some of the reactions from the latest…

Trevor Features Serena’s New Arrival & Bill-O’s Overdue Departure In Back-To-Back Segments: “When A Black Baby Is Born, A White Man Has To Leave”

Even with Rafa playing Sverev on the latter NextGenner’s birthday (and on a day already full of top-ranked upsets too, so I am nerviosa, tho the Rafanator is playing well so far) – I had to just … set this one down and let you all see it if you missed it yesterday.