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A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.
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Thanksgiving Recipes

Around Thanksgiving each year, a small battle breaks out on TSB as we discuss whether or not green bean casseroles are socially acceptable or a monstrosity. This is mainly due to people equating the casserole to what you’d see at Evangelical potluck while others (like myself) have had it Big Mama style, made from scratch with fresh ingredients like green beans and homemade gravy.

So, since we are hosting Clashtalkers and to prevent a war, I decided that we should post our favorite Thanksgiving recipes, including your best green bean casserole recipes, meaning NO CAMPBELL’S ANYTHING IN A CAN BULLSHIT.

This also includes mac-n-cheese casseroles because one of you posted a recipe last year and it was delicious. But I want to see it all: greens, cornbread, potatoes, gravy, cranberry, pies, you name it. Share and share alike.


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