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So I am listening to this week’s episode of the read while I am working out. I get to the Sandra Bland portion towards the end and I am on the seated leg press. I am pushing a huge amount of weight so I am resting for about 15 seconds and in comes a older white woman who just entered the gym (I know this because she had to come from the opposite side I was on to even get in the gym). At the 15 second mark (the machine lets you know how long you have been on the machine. I was on for 1:15) she comes up and stands near me. Literally near me. All up on my ass and asks can she get on the machine. I hear Kid Fury going off on the whole Sandra Bland ordeal and I pause the podcast.

Here is how the whole conversation went:

“Can I get on the machine?”



“Well you are resting so can I get on while you do that?”

“NO and when I am done, I will get up and then you can use it”

She stands there and expect little old black me would get up. I suppose she thought that I would just move from the machine and let her get on. Little does she know that I don’t fuck with people who come into my space like that. So she then goes over to the school worker and asks the young white woman the protocol about what to do when people are on the machine long. (Mind you I am in earshot of this and only been on the machine for 5 MINUTES at this point).


The young white girl was like you can ask her to get off if it has been long and walked off. And of course I trolled that old white woman because I didn’t continue to workout on that machine the whole time she talked to me or the young white woman. My ass grinning just like this


I want a white woman to try me because I just ain’t anybody bitch. WOOOO. The audacity of white women drives me nuts. Like imma get up from the machine when I pay like you do to use the equipment.


The kicker? After I finished using the machine about 5 minutes later my husband and I go to the lockers below and we can see up where the machines are and he tells me “look she aint even using it. Just just got on and then got off. What was the point then?” And I am like, “there was none”. Lord’s day and not the day for you to try it bitch.


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