So I met with a brand influencer yesterday and it was....... something.

I won’t say their name cause I am sure they have every type of alert for when they are mentioned online, but my God. I have never been more lost in my life. They were given 100,000 dollars by a liquor company, off of this thing they did online and then from there they got subsequent brand deals from some other places.

They bought this house and it’s branded as the (liquor company) house. And his goal is for the house to be a destination for other prominent influencers, no one with less than 50,000 followers, to stop by and eventually celebrities. And other influencers already are, but they want it to be more.

Oh and, they only wear robes. They had us tour the house and in their closet, cause they also live in the house as well, they only had robes and slippers. That’s it.

And I felt like a crazy person. I was like this is what it’s like to just be completely lost.  


They were like, yeah, we’re not trying to work or have people with less than 50,000 followers and I mean I guess we can make an exception, if they only have 10,000, but then we would have to come through someone we already know, and we would have to have them post at least 8 times and hour using the hashtag for the house.

And then like their big thing was that they had a direct line to backpack kid. And that backpack kid, had stayed there.


And I was like who the fuck is backpack kid? Which I didn’t say, but just nodded my head.