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The Land of Love and Drowning by Tiphanie Yanique

This was one of the monthly books I had to read for school and I fucking loved it. It’s a historical fiction plot of families living on the Virgin Islands and it spans over about 60 years.

It’s a long book, 101 chapters, but it does have several different viewpoints to help keep the story fresh and move it along. It follows two sisters, Eeona and Annette, and their lives as daughters of a ship captain.

I did purchase and listen to this on Audible and it had several voice actors for each part so I personally think that listening might be better (the actors did a fantastic job of reading so it was hard for me to read parts of the book when I wanted to hear it.) However, to each their own.

Check it out. Here’s an NPR interview with Tiphanie Yanique:


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