I am thrilled to see how well this new sub-blog has launched, I am actually surprised to see the amazing reception we have received. So thank you all for your participation.

So the Salad Bowl, we are a sub-blog in the Kinja universe that will focus on issues that are important to People of Color, the content will be authored by us as well. Because of the nature of some of the conversations that we will be having, it is imperative that we are very conscious that there are expectations of the community. We expect anyone who has been given authorship to respect and follow these guidelines.

While we are a community where People of Color will be authoring most of the content, we encourage and ask that majority group members participate. With a few things in mind, it is not up to us to educate you, and derailing is never okay.

These are the fundamental guidelines that we expect from every participant, author and commenter alike.

1. The Golden Rule of kinjaverse, DO NOT BE A JERK. EVER. I don't care if you read something wrong and take something personal, you do not get to be a jerk.

2. Do not Derail conversations. Please, that is being a jerk.

3. We are not ok with shit stirring posts. This is particularly true for issues you have with posters on another forum. Keep those issues within the forum you are encountering the person you are arguing with, do not bring it in here. Likewise, do not take incidents that occur in The Salad Bowl to other forums (GroupThink, CrossTalk, etc.) Arguments should remain inside of the post where the argument is being had, do not create a new post to push your point to the forefront.


4. Any and all offensive slurs will result in immediate banning. No Questions Asked here. the mods decision on this will be final. You can take that somewhere else, for serious.

5. We Ask that you do not engage in Tone Policing.


6. There is a difference between being a jerk and having understandable emotions, and there is a difference between making someone accountable for being a jerk and tone policing someone who is expressing, again understandably, strong emotions over an issue.

7. Doxxing is not OK.

8. Pile-ons are a form of being a Jerk.

9. Shares are permitted if you feel they are relevant to our community interests.


10. Shares are not permitted if they are to rally a pile-on


We have a series of Mods, but at the moment we are having some technical issues that I am trying to get Kinja to fix. If we cannot find a solution, we will announce next steps for the community ASAP.


As of right now, myself, along with nappyheadflo, AfroWithaChanceofMeatballs, and TamTams are our current moderators.

Posting or Authoring Privileges will be granted by the mods. We have a good group going right now, and we will occasionally consider adding more authors. To be an author, we ask that you are a participant in Salad Bowl discussions, we will review your posting history and that you have been advocating for People of Color across Kinjaverse.

If there are any other questions, please comment on this post. Also, there is a great guide created by KorbenDallasBathroomPass about general kinja etiquette.


Please let us know if there are any questions.