A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.
A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.
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The Salad Bowl is (Officially) Under New Management

FYI: I am (officially) the owner of TSB and I have elevated several Bowlers to admin. That means y’all are mods and have the ability to block trolls as well as give author privileges to others. Sorry it took so long but this great news for TSB. The only stipulations I have for author privileges is make sure they’re a PoC and go check their comment history.

I trust all of you. Have fun with it!

ETA: For moderation, you have to be on TSB site and then click on your user icon located in the top right. From the dropdown list, choose “Mange The Salad Bowl” and that will show you posts, story types, moderation, settings. From there, if y’all want to start specific story types such as Nina’s crab cake recipe, it’s your world. Be creative!

I have gone through TSB member list and removed a chunk of inactive Bowlers which includes several of the original mods and the creator of TSB. If they haven’t been active in the kinja universe within the last year, they were removed. Granddad and TamTams are the only original mods still on the list.

There were a few members who are still active in discussion elsewhere and I have reached out, asking them if they still want to maintain their author privileges.


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