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The “Truth” in “Truth & Reconciliation” Comes First For A Reason – Weekend Jam


My Soul Don’t Dream – MeShell Ndegeocello featuring Keb Mo’

Communication – Arin Ray featuring DRAM

Unemployed – Tierra Whack

Device Control – Frank Ocean

Truth Hurts – Lizzo (Live on SNL with Celisse Henderson & Band)

I Can’t Feel My Face – Celisse Henderson covers ThaWeeknd

So … Chuck Todd Trended This Week

reporters like to pretend that what they center in their stories isn’t influenced by their bias


(OKA “Choke Toad”, because dangerously disingenous)

CNN still puts chronic liars on the air


Biggest Losers, Biggest Liars


I Am The Walrus – Spooky Tooth covers The Beatles for Watchmen

Get Up 10 – Cardi B

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