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A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.
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There are 9 million people on my ballot for this Tuesday and I am overwhelmed

I read all the things yesterday about nearly everyone that is running for office in my state and that caused me to have a dream last night about the upcoming primary election. That’s lame.

Help me.

I know you can’t help me, but help me.

There are nearly 40 people running for a council-at-large seat and I can only choose 4. Why y’all doing this to me?


And I’m having so much anxiety over the gubernatorial primary because the person I want to vote for probably won’t win and then the person who will probably win I’m not sure can beat our current governor because our governor is a scammer who has high approval rating with people because he’s a scammer. And want his backward let’s-put-tolls-up-everywhere-because-this-is-1992 ass out of office. Scrapping the redline in Bmore in order to pave roads in the middle of goddamn nowhere. He makes me sick. Anyway.


I assume most of y’all have already voted and I’m late to this primary party, but ugh.

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