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Truth is Stranger Than Fiction?

This essay about interracial dating from New York Magazine is currently making the rounds on Twitter. The reactions overwhelmingly imply that it must be satire or otherwise fictionalized.

Writer Greg Howard is especially adamant.


But why tho???

Curious to see how this reads to other folks who have dated interracially and especially POC who have dated White people. How far off is this article from your experiences?

Anecdotally, I can say I’ve been on plenty of dates where White guys bored and offended me with recountings of their demonstrations of noblesse oblige. Like enough of them that I automatically swipe left on any White dude who has pictures with brown children who are obviously non-relatives in his profile. I can imagine White women are even worse given their over-representation as teachers in inner city schools (i.e., the primary reason my sister is quitting Teach for America).

How about you, is your bullshit meter going off? Do you see the 26 things that Greg Howard claims have never happened? Am I just so burnt out on White folks’ cluelessness that I’ll believe anything?


And why does there always seem to be such a fierce backlash against editorials about interracial dating?

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