They said it was suicide. They said it was an accident. The facts say otherwise.

From the Guardian:

Friday 29 August was a big day for Lennon Lacy. His high school football team, the West Bladen Knights, were taking on the West Columbus Vikings and Lacy, 17, was determined to make his mark. He'd been training all summer for the start of the season, running up and down the bleachers at the school stadium wearing a 65lb exercise jacket. Whenever his mother could afford it, he borrowed $7 and spent the day working out at the Bladenboro gym, building himself up to more than 200lbs. As for the future, he had it all planned out: this year he'd become a starting linebacker on the varsity team, next year he'd earn a scholarship to play football in college, and four years after that he'd achieve the dream he'd harboured since he was a child โ€“ to make it in the NFL.

Lennon Lacy was found hanging from a swing set exactly 12 hours before the big game he was preparing. The autopsy reports that Lacy was depressed from his uncle passing and states that asphyxia due to hanging was the cause of death. The autopsy went on to report that the "body and clothing show numerous red ants, and the body, especially the face, upper chest, arms, and scrotum show multiple abrasions consistent with ant bites" and that "no scalp lacerations or contusions are present." According to authorities, Lacy's death was a suicide.

However, what the autopsy did not include was the lump on Lacy's forehead. FW Newton Jr, the undertaker who received Lacy's body two days after the death, noted that his Lacy's body looked similar to bodies he has come across that have died in a bar fight. The family also went on to say the shoes found on Lacy were not his (the actual shoes he was wearing has not been found), that the police never questioned Lacy's 31 year old white girlfriend who had left her husband in February (also ignoring the fact that rcial tensions are very high in the town they live in), that the police has not questioned his friends, and they did not do a swab underneath his fingernails to see if there was any DNA for any other person.


By going off what the authorities have reported, Lacy prepared for the big game(the game he had told people he was excited about) like he always does. He greeted his father with a "ok Daddy" before stepping out of the house. He walked to an isolated area where he let ants attack his shoulders and face, switch to shoes that were two sizes to small, and hung himself on a swing set.

This case is very reminiscent of Kendrick Johnson in Georgia and LaVena Johnson.


Kendrick Johnson was found rolled up head first in a mat inside a gym at Lowndes High School. The death was ruled as an accidental death because they figured he must have felled head first into the mat trying to get his shoes that he usually stored by the mats.

LaVena Johnson was a private first class in the US Army. She was found in her tent by what Army officials reported as a self-inflicted gunshot wound aka suicide. However:

photographs revealed that Lavena, a small woman, barely 5 feet tall and weighing less than 100 pounds, had been struck in the face with a blunt instrument, perhaps a weapon stock. Her nose was broken and her teeth knocked backwards. One elbow was distended. The back of her clothes had debris on them indicating she had been dragged from one location to another. The photographs of her disrobed body showed bruises, scratch marks and teeth imprints on the upper part of her body. The right side of her back as well as her right hand had been burned apparently from a flammable liquid poured on her and then lighted. The photographs of her genital area revealed massive bruising and lacerations. A corrosive liquid had been poured into her genital area, probably to destroy DNA evidence of sexual assault.

Despite the bruises, scratches, teeth imprints and burns on her body, Lavena was found completely dressed in the burning tent. There was a blood trail from outside a contractor's tent to inside the tent. She apparently had been dressed after the attack and her attacker placed her body into the tent and set it on fire.


But remember she died by a self inflicted gunshot wound, like Kendrick Johnson died from falling into a mat because he was trying to get his shoes, and Lennon Lacy hung himself after switching shoes and letting ants attack his upper body and face.

If all that isn't a load of bullshit, then I don't know what is anymore.

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