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Tyga releases video for his song "Great Value Controlla"

Illustration for article titled Tyga releases video for his song Great Value Controlla

...I mean 1 of 1.

I’m not gonna link it here because I know some of y’all don’t want to give him views, so I’m just gonna summarize it for you.


He basically talks about how great Jamaica is and how it’s similar to the ghettos in America, only more impoverished, but the people there are great. After that whole spiel, he starts singing about his bantu knot wearing girl, Amina Blue, who is apparently white and Pakistani.

Surprisingly there are shots of beautiful Jamaican women in the video, but of course they’re not the focus of the video because they’re...well, black. There are a bunch of scenes of him opining after his Nubian White Queen. There’s some dialogue scenes here and there. The one that striked me the most was where the governor of Jamaica pulled up to Tycoon, his posse, and his girl. Plot twist: the white and Pakistani girl is the daughter of the Jamaican governor! And he demands Tycoon to give her back to him or he’s going to buss up him and his crew. So she leaves with her adopted father, and then the scene cuts back to earlier in the day for some reason, but all we see is Tycoon opining after her again.


So that includes the video that is highly offensive to Jamaican people and anyone with eyes, really.

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