Hello Friends!

I do love the power of medication. I’m doing a lot better now; I’ve been on iron tablets for almost a month and this week is the first week I woke up not feeling completely exhausted. I also changed my diet so everything seems to be working.

I’m also on meds because my lymph nodes are swollen but I’m not sick or exhibiting signs of infection. Docs weren’t sure what was going on so they just prescribed the meds to be safe (I just found out that it also help keep your skin clear so win-win.)

I have been obsessively job searching. This shit sucks, especially since a lot of employers want you to do a ton of work for them (before I get hired) outside of what I think is normal. For instance, I applied for this writing job that seemed legit and they wanted me to create some long-ass story with six elements of their choosing (like I had to create some giant fight scene between two men.) That’s all well and good but that shit takes time and they wanted me to sign some NDA disclosure about my story. Another job I applied for was for some mobile game and they wanted damn near a full screen play for two of their characters and also wanted an NDA signed. This was all before someone even spoke to me; I applied and then got auto-sent the instructions.

Anyhow, it’s still hot out here but at least the worst part is over. The fall is so lovely out here, y’all should come and visit :)

I found a (black woman) therapist and I love her. She’s wonderful and hilarious and covered with my insurance. I didn’t realize how much guilt I had over the situation with my mom but she pointed out my mom does not respect my boundaries, despite the very clear lines I set up, and that her raising me to be so co-dependant on her is why I have guilt (I feel responsible for her.)

I was like “Omg, you said boundaries and that’s the word I never thought to associate with her. Omg, therapy is awesome.” Seriously, I’ve only had a few visits and my guilt is gone. Still got some work to do but jesus, did that ever take a weight off my shoulders.

How y’all doing?