My Reactions in Gif’s

 However, the reality on the ground is that discussions in our society only highlight the fairy-tale aspect of interracial relationships.

 He became protective over his phone and every one of his electronic devices had passwords. My person only had women friends. Without my knowledge, he would bring them home and exchange half-naked photos with them.

he external pressure and societal expectations started getting to me, friends and family would compliment me and say, “do not leave him, he is a nice guy” or “white men are scarce”.


I sank deeper and deeper. I thought that ending a relationship with a white man was an abomination. I was gullible and I wanted to have a perfect interracial relationship like the ones I watched on Youtube. I refused to take ownership and acknowledge that my relationship was destructive to both of us. I walked around with the guilt that I am a failure in the eyes of society because I could not maintain a romantic relationship with a white man. I was in denial with my own reality that I was in an abusive relationship with a white European man, who I all along thought, because of his race and background would be more loving than the black men that I dated in past.

We need to stop telling women that it’s a privilege to be in an interracial relationship. We need to encourage women that it is okay if your relationship does not work out and that you are not defined by your relationship.



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