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When white People become angry, the world must stop for them. No lie.

We have entered a new state of activism where now white people are angry. And because they are angry at how things have turn out we must stop what we are doing and protest with them.

Yeah, let me take a hard pass. I get it. They have just seen the world for what it truly is and it scares them. The world isn’t just avocados and white privilege anymore. Now it’s “Your existence is a pre-existing condition and we don’t have to cover that anymore” scary. Like damn, they will actually be treated like people of color now.


#grabyourwallet is such a cool idea...if I didn’t know any better. People of Color have been saying boycott a number of businesses for years and yet the only response to that “Sharonda it’s not even that

If they really wanted to help, they would grab their wallets and support non-white businesses. They would grab their wallets and support LGBTQA businesses.They would do something other than the self-serving call to actions that have been posted of late.

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