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White Mayor Says He's Black

During a mayoral debate in Stockton, California, the current mayor of Stockton Anthony Silva jokingly said he was black in response to candidate Councilman Michael Tubbs who said he was surprised that the diverse city has never had a black mayor. Silva explains why he referred to himself as black:

“For the last 15 years, I’ve been mentoring numerous South Stockton youth, and each and every summer, I hire African-American lifeguards. If you ask folks around town, African-American leaders, they’ll tell you the mayor works with African Americans.”


One of Silva’s supporters, who is black, supported his statements:

“He is a black mayor. I don’t care what anybody says, he’s a black mayor,”

Other black individuals, including the leader of Black Women Organized for Political Action, were not offended by his statements either.


He made these comments in jest sure, but this just perpetuates the notion that blackness is a state of being rather than your biological makeup. This is why the Rachel Dolezals of the world exist. People like her think blackness is a costume and anyone can claim blackness if they “act” black enough or surround themselves with a lot of black people. What’s worse is that there are black people who cosign with this bs. I think a major problem in our community is how much some of us place white people on a pedestal and let them get away with all types of fuckery just because they’re white. They don’t see the harm in a white person calling themselves black because, hey! At least he’s doing something for our community. I remember some black folks were justifying Dolezal’s nonsense because they think she does more for black people than black people do for themselves.

So in other words, it’s okay for someone to make a mockery of you as long as they’re helping you. Awesome.

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