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White Men are Ridiculous

All the names have been changed to protect privacy.

Background: I think I have said this before but I do some work in Hospice. A large part of Hospice is regulated by Medicare, therefore there are 30 billion things that are required from you in order to be compliant. And not being compliant can result in consequences from Warnings to paying back money medicare gave you to losing your license. So after the first day, anything that they have flagged as missing they give you an opportunity to fix it. And then show them the next day.

Ok and now for our story

So, we hired this chaplain, let’s call him Tom. You have to have chaplain’s in Hospice cause it’s required, and the thought is the purpose is to have someone who can help address meta physical concerns for patients or families around death. And then they are in charge of bereavement which is a year. Unless the family refuses, and they are in charge of coordinating other stuff. So like if you are catholic, they are the ones who get with your priest or if you don’t have one they find one, to do last rites. Or if you are Hindi their job is to find a temple a leader to do that, and in the event you are Atheist just ask what it is you want at the time of your death. But all this stuff has to have notes and be documented to satisfy Medicare.


Now, does Tom do his notes? No. Is he caught up in Bereavement? No. And fyi he hired this dude in May. He started in the first week of May, and was completely orientated.

So now survey happens and of course this bitch ass motherfucker has not done any of the spiritual notes or bereavement notes. We’re missing crap tons of documentation from May and June. And the survey lady is like soooooo. Luckily our survey lady was like, I’m just trying to go on vacay for 4th so fuck this shit honestly.

So our clinical manager (Tina) calls him on the phone at 11am and is like fix your shit, and then peaces at 5, but of course Owner 1 (Lara) and Owner 2 (Rachel) and me are there all night fixing what we can.

So I call Tom at 6pm and I’m like hey I’m looking at the chart ( we use an online cloud based system) and I don’t see your shit. This fucker goes oh, well Tina said I didn’t have anything to do. Which is a fucking lie, cause I was there when she made the call. So I say well that’s not true so login and let’s go over everything.


Tom: I’m eating dinner right now.

Me: ok well then I’ll call back in an hour and we will go through what you need to do, to satisfy the survey.


Tom: Well, just tell me who it is and maybe I’ll find some time to do it.

Me: Well this has to be done before 8am tomorrow so it’s not really a matter of finding some time. And I will be working here in the office all night. So if we need to talk later that’s not an issue. In terms of what’s missing from you, it’s several people but one of them is Patient A.


Tom: I already did patient A there is nothing wrong with patient A.

Me: I am looking at the chart right now and there are two months worth of notes that are missing from patient A.


Tom: Well that’s not possible because patient A-

Me: Tom I am physically looking at the chart. This is not just something I am saying. This something that the surveyor specifically flagged. Lara, Tina, and Rachel saw it as well. It needs to be fixed.


Tom: You sound really angry right now. I’m sensing this edge and I can’t work if I feel any animosity towards me.

Me: ..........

Me: It’s not a matter of anger Tom. It’s a matter of I’m trying to explain to you, the work that needs to be completed and instead of listening, your choosing to argue with me instead.


Tom: I’m not arguing. I just think-

Me: Tom, I’m going to let you finish your dinner and I will call you back in an hour thanks.



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