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Why are people STILL defending Azealia Banks?

Despite all the nasty shit she’s said to a whole list of people, there are still people who insist on defending her (fans of her music or otherwise). I’ve read a few articles in defense of her because she is a member of an oppressed group of people (dark skinned black women), and that it’s not fair that she’s been suspended from social media while white people who’ve said even worse things than her remain online. I’ve also heard people say that we must show compassion towards her because she’s dealt with abuse in her personal life at the hands of her mother

Look, I agree that there is a double standard between the way white bigots are treated online versus black bigots. I absolutely agree that white people who are just as abhorrent as her need to face consequences for their actions. I can accept the notion that her being a black woman played a role in her being suspended.


That said, I refuse to make excuses for her. I find it disturbing that people think it’s okay for her to be verbally abusive (and let’s be real, that’s what she’s doing) just because SHE was abused and because she is bipolar (I’m not making an assumption. She admitted to being bipolar on Twitter). It boggles my mind to see black women defend her when she’s talked shit about OTHER black women SEVERAL times, including referring to one woman as a tar baby. On what logical planet does this deserve defending? It’s okay to abuse other people if you’ve been abused? What her defenders fail to understand is that they’re not helping her grow as a person by telling her it’s okay to say the things she’s said. She needs help, not enablers.

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