Normally, I don’t give a shit about being blocked from a Kinja platform. I was blocked from Gawker 3 separate times. This one actually hurts. Mind, it’s not getting blocked because, I hardly go to that trash part of the Kinja platform. It’s the reason.

This article was about Issa Rae’s “satire” where she wrote that black women should date Asian men since they are both undesired. This stung a bit because 1) Lol at no one wanting an Asian man and 2) What black men go through. All of that is worthy of debate sure. The defense of this “satire” is ridiculous though.

It brings me to the above picture. How is saying, “Actually that’s racist and actual black women say it’s bad” any way being a hotep? I need someone to explain it to me. Oh and “the book is 3 years old”? Lady, I’ve seen you write about a tweet from 2011. Also, 3 years is not a long time.

People need to stop asking for equality. Some of y’all don’t want to be equal, you just want to be like a white person which ironically is just you assuming “white” is the default. Issa Rae isn’t above critique. Beyonce isn’t above critique. None of your faves are. Either be actual activists and hold your faves accountable or just do like April Reign and admit you’re only doing this shit to meet celebrities.

Sorry for the uncoordinated gibberish. I didn’t take my Ritilan. Hopefully you can understand it.


P.S. Y’all told me only Jez didn’t want to hear dissenting opinions. Maeks u think