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Y'all...I cannot not stop laughing at this

BEcause even in the face of a scary situation, Twitter still manages to be funny. Vanilla Isis and Y’all Qaeda are probably the best thing to come out of this.

However, the situation seems to be tense as the Hammond family does not support the actions of this out of state group. The fact that this group seized the opportunity to occupy space that is not theirs while threatening violence should not only be a concern but immediately labeled as criminal.


Not to mention the fact, this is affecting families in that area who are mostly employed by the Bureau of Land Management who probably can wait around for years for the Bundy and his crew to give it up.

I may be unable to stop laughing at the nicknames but I continue to boost the fact that if you are Black or Latinx, chances are you won’t even able to think you can get away with something similar without being shot, tasered, or abuse by law enforcement.

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