Update! After emailing Kinja devs, I’ve learned that your personal blog is supposed to remain its own entity. This is not actually a new feature, but a glitch. *whew*

Original post:

It appears we no longer truly have our own blogs anymore. If you’ve used yours for personal reasons you may soon find your community posts there, too.

Up until now your profile and the posts/comments it made were separate from your blog unless you specifically posted to it. This meant you could post about cars, Trump, politics, and mundane things here on community blogs like The Salad Bowl, but use your personal blog for your art portfolio, writings you wanted employers to see, or whatever you wanted it for.


For example, my blog URL is smart.kinja.com. Up until now this brought you only the posts on my blog. If you wanted to see my posts on other blogs, you had to go to kinja.com/smart or click on my username.

When Kinja was in its infancy, I used the personal blog to basically be a truthful PR machine for smart USA. However in late 2014 I decided to open my life to the world to write about my transition. Now anyone coming to my blog (which does get a surprising amount of unique readers, presumably from search engines) has to trudge through layers of mundane car posts and the occasional eye roll at a FP blog.


Not anymore, now all of your posts are automatically shared to your personal blog and as of right now I see no way to get rid of them. The best you can do is categorize your blog’s posts from the other stuff (mine’s now called “Transition Diary”. Ugh...This may just be the thing that drives my transition diary to another platform.