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Zayn Malik repeated the n word from a rap song

There was a video of Zayn at what looks like a karaoke bar rapping to a song with his friends. The song had the n word in it and in the video it looks like he said it out loud. Here is the video:

This might be taken down because it looks like his team was taking down the video on Twitter and Tumblr.


Am I surprised by this video? Absolutely not. I believe every non-black person uses the n word privately, and it’s not surprising that someone who is a rap fan would say it out loud.

I don’t approve of non-black people using the word and I will not tolerate any of them using it in my presence, but I don’t think this is a big deal as some people are making it out to be. I see some people calling him a piece of shit and that they’re going to stop being his fan. Lol bullshit. You’re still gonna listen to his music, and so will I.

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